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We not only provide Dazzling Smiles, We provide Radiant Faces

Dr. Gene Scheel and his team of oral and facial experts are proud to be the only dentist in the Northwest to offer you Ultherapy® the only FDA approved non-surgical skin LIFTING treatment. Say goodbye to those jowls, that “turkey neck,” and tired-looking eyes. With Ultherapy® you can turn back the hands of time to give you lifted and toned skin again.

Under the expert care of Dr. Scheel you can count on results with your facial skin lifting and tightening. His dental doctorate focused solely on patients oral and facial structures – which is why you can trust Lacamas with your Ultherapy and facial cosmetic work.

It doesn’t matter how stylish your hair is or how fabulous your dress is. Sagging skin is a sure sign of premature aging. Now, second-generation skin tightening devices have begun to fight back in more effective—and patient-friendly—ways than ever. Leading the way is Ultherapy®, the first ultrasound technology to receive FDA approval as a nonsurgical brow and neck lift. Ultherapy® drives sound waves into the skin’s top layers, as well as to deep muscular layers underneath. These deeper layers are known as the SMAS, or the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. The sound waves cause skin cells to vibrate and generate heat. Existing collagen tightens—a phenomenon called collagen remodeling—and new collagen is produced. Ultherapy® is the first nonsurgical device to combine ultrasound visualization with energy. So, before you purchase another high collar blouse or “miracle” wrinkle cream, consider Ultherapy®—all “tuck” and no “nip.”

Let us change the way you think about Skin care!  Contact Lacamas Dental & Cosmetic Center at (360) 896-0265 for your complimentary, no obligation consultation and learn more about Ultherapy®.

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